What is Norcuir?

Three generations of traditional excellence

Thanks our deep experience, we respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market with products of quality and a highly efficient and competitive service. The company boasts a history of entirely Belgian family entrepreneurship.

We provide raw materials to leather manufacturers for the Luxury sector and propose a product of absolute quality that is greatly sought-after by the market of reference.



Company Foundation

As early as 1918 Maurice Norro (1895-1982) started his own leather business.

Comfortably installed in the house they are built in the thirties, the customer is received, in a warm and personalized environment as a privileged guest.


Next Generation

In the 1950s, André Norro, chemist in tannery, is the second generation to take over the torch and develops the furniture sector


Furnishing Leathers

Norcuir offers a wide variety of classic and exotic leathers in furniture, binding, leather goods, upholstery, navigation, aviation and other uses. Calves and cowhides, parchments, oasis goats and pigs or astonishing skins of snakes, frogs, ostriches, fish such as skate, coral shark, perch of the Nile, lizard or crocodile are just some examples of which the infinity of colors seduces the visitor's eye.


International Customers

In over 100 years now we have had the opportunity to share our expertise with ever more Belgian and foreign customers.

We offer our products for sale all over the world: Japan, Korea, China, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Israel ...


Materials & Fine Leathers

In addition to exceptional papers, we also offer cardboard, small equipment and glue quality.


100 Years Experience

With 100 years of tradition and innovation, we strive to respond to a constantly changing market while preserving quality of products we present to our customers.

Today, the adventure continues in a more digital world to which we adapt our offering.

our values

  • Quality

    We perpetually search for product quality and excellence.

  • Expertise

    Each generation always focused on expertise that can be offered to our customers through professional knowledge and dedicated advices (tannery chemistry study, tannery training...) while being the essential relay between the tanners and the leather workers.

  • Respect

    Respect towards the customer who uses our products and that we seek to satisfy whatever his needs in the long term. Respect towards our suppliers with whom we always seek the best possible collaboration in order to join a relationship of trust. Respect for nature for which we strive to select suppliers with a long-term and sustainable vision of natural resource management and the implementation of the means of production.

  • Long-Term Relationship

    Long-term relationship, that's our creed. Whether with some clients we have been working for for generations or our suppliers, whom we have represented for some of them for more than 70 years, our experience shows that the long-term relationship is the most interesting for each of the parties because in trust and friendship.


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